meet amy

Amy Horany is the lead designer and owner of Five 12 Main. Since early childhood, design has been a huge passion of hers. In 2009 she graduated from Baylor University from the school of Fine Arts with a degree in Graphic Design.

It wasn’t long before she made the decision to pursue interior design. In 2012 she launched her interior design blog, The Blissful Bee, which attracted a handful of Amy’s initial design clients. Amy’s design work has been featured on, The Huffington Post, and Apartment Therapy to name a few. Though blogging is no longer her prime focus, Amy is thankful for her blog, which ultimately launched her interior design career. She now documents her life & design adventures on

This self-taught designer has a clean, yet welcoming aesthetic and enjoys working with all budgets and styles. Amy is known for her laid-back, collected style, and chooses to mix the old with the new to add that extra layer of interest.    

From home-builders to home-owners, she isn’t afraid to tackle any project. Get in touch today to schedule your initial consult!